The Mobile County Blueway project aims to celebrate and protect our waterways while sustainably enhancing and increasing access to places to play, relax, and reconnect.

Get ready to engage, share, and create better paddling opportunities!

Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences during the inventory and analysis phase.

The Mobile County Blueway project team is just about finished sorting through the many ideas shared through the Phase 1A Survey and interactive mapping exercises.

In the Fall, we’ll be creating opportunities for the community to share their stories and ideas on several areas throughout Mobile County that are potential Blueway trail sites.

Your insights combined with the research and engineering analysis the Mobile Blueway Project team has been gathering will help Mobile County identify and create opportunities to improve paddling experiences throughout the county.

Stay tuned!

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It is said that the word "Mobile" may come from the Choctaw word "Moieli," which means "to paddle."

And rightly so – with over 412 square miles of water to explore, Mobile County is a paddler’s dream!

From the Delta to the Gulf, along rivers, creeks, and lakes in the county and through our city, we have a paddle trail for every skill, passion, and adventure.

Our culture and heritage are found in these waters: they connect us to places, people, and incredible natural diversity, and they are a gateway to knowing who we are and passing that knowledge onto future generations.

Project Progress

Phase 1A: Inventory, Analysis & Engagement

Thank you to the Mobile community for your help in identifying places and opportunities for improving paddling experiences throughout the county.

Phase 1B: Planning: Development of Master Plan, Branding, & Best Practices Guide

Current Phase

During this phase we’ll create a comprehensive Mobile County Blueway Masterplan from the insights gathered in Phase 1A.

Phase 1C: Implementation

This is where the plan comes to life with improved access to paddling sites throughout Mobile County.

Want to learn more about the project?

Blueway trails are ideally designed to provide access for non-motorized boats to marked routes on navigable waterway such as rivers, lakes, canals and coastlines for recreational use. Blueway trails not only require suitable access points and take-outs for exit, but also seek to provide places ashore to camp and picnic, and other facilities for boaters.

The county-wide blueway trail system master plan project is sponsored by Mobile County and funded through a RESTORE Act grant and sponsored by the United States Treasury in cooperation with the State of Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Master Plan Mission

  • Create a comprehensive plan for the implementation, use and promotion of a recreational paddling trail throughout Mobile County


  • Identify opportunities for creation and expansion of safe, sustainable, and accessible paddling infrastructure
  • Protect environmental resources through establishment of best practices for implementation and maintenance of blueway infrastructure
  • Provide for equitable access by connecting communities to waterways with blueway infrastructure
  • Promote regional and equitable economic development
    Enhance public health through access to paddling resources
  • Educate community about blueways and paddling resources
  • Highlight unique identity / character of the numerous waterways while providing a clear connection between new and existing blueways and greenways

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